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Tricks for young men to meet hot cougars online

For all the people out there wanting to date hot cougars, please take a moment to consider what you’re stepping into. They’re about 10 or more years above your age, if you’re in your twenties. The best way to describe them would be voracious women, who look to date men with boyish appeal. But they won’t stand for childish and stupid habits.

Know that cougars are basically of two types, alpha cougars and beta cougars. While alpha cougars seek you out for fun and excitement, a beta cougar will want you to drive away her loneliness with your company. You’ll find alpha cougars to be dominant and always on the prowl in search of sexual empowerment. Beta cougars are more into the “companionship thing”, and it’s harder to get through to them, but possible. However if you really want to be in on it, I would suggest you meet cougars who are alpha, things are way sexier with them.

If you’re looking for cougar dating online, make sure you have a good profile in the first place. This includes a good set of photographs, some catchy things that set you apart from the rest and a hint that you’re more than a bit interested in the state of affairs. There are dozens of websites and apps which you can access through your computer or smartphone which are cougar-friendly. Most of them have profile pictures as a mandatory requirement. Pictures speak thousands of words, so make yours’ as interesting as possible for the opposite sex. Frat party pictures and college pictures have to go out of the window. Your profile has to speak sense, and make sense too. All in all you need to come across as a man who is assertive and independent, because that’s what cougars are, and it raises your compatibility by quite a few notches.

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Remember that the major part of the fun lies with the chase, the thrill of it. Now, you’ll be the one doing the chasing, and not the cougars, simply because they’re past the age of chasing. Whether you ask a hot cougar her number isn’t going to make or break her day. She’s past that age. They already have fulfilling and satisfying lives, and there are plenty of boys in town, and you’ve got competition. you need to be creative with your pickup lines, and those pickup lines better be real good, because they’ve heard out all the standard ones with  condescended smiles.

You have to be on time, always, whether it’s online or offline. Cougars simply will not stand for late behaviour. They’ve got plenty of things going on in their lives, and you’re just one of them. So treat her space and time with respect. They’ll appreciate that. Texting and cancelling plans at the last moment will definitely be the last you want to do with them, because that’s the last you’ll hear from the cougar.

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What you lack in maturity, make up with ingenious foreplay. They simply love foreplay and it forms a major part of a cougar’s sex life with a consenting young man. Don’t keep texting them with inane questions, like what they’re wearing or eating, because their hands are busy elsewhere at work , and chances are you’ll put them off with these irritating messages. Of course, horny moments do happen, but you have to gauge the situation carefully.

Once you break the ice online, politely ask the cougar out for dinner in a public place where both of you will be comfortable in the midst of a crowd. Don’t barrage her with questions, but let the conversation take its course, you’ll get plenty of cues from her if she’s interested.

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