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That’s why on mail order bride Mexico we would like to present that main tips how to interest a girl.

First of all try to find her weak place and use it. This method works especially well for demanding girls, who are accustomed to being in the spotlight. Your task is to grasp the behavior of men, to which she is accustomed and begin to act on the contrary. Unfortunately, it is not possible to describe this method more accurately. We would present you a couple of examples so that you can feel this way:

  • If the girl (girl 1) has got used to man’s attention, she likes refuse all the men, thus she practically always appears with the girl-friend (girl 2) who is hardly worse. Against girl 2, girl 1 looks like a winner. What we do: we begin, make compliments particularly to the girl 2, not to the object of admiration, you can even ignore the girl 1, while she does not show herself. When she shows herself, we react extremely reticently: “Ah, Maria, you are also here, oh, let me take care of you too.”
  • Situation 2. If the girl highly appreciates herself, she considers herself to be very beautiful, intelligent and has no shortcomings. She likes to give hope to the guys first, and then to get them off. She constantly provokes guys to invite her to a date, and then merges. But she smokes. What we do: we give up her hints of a date. We say straight: “Maria, you smoke, but I do not communicate with smokers. I think this is a terrible disadvantage and I will never communicate with such a girl. “

best Mexico brides mail order

The task of any action aimed at “interest the girl” is to knock her out of an indifferent attitude towards you. It is better to let her get angry and think about you, than she does not feel any emotion for you at all…

But this is no the end, you should continue to shock her. Be unmanageable! You see, the woman’s nature is such that at first she can fall in love with a “bad” guy, and then try to make him good.

This phenomenon was called the “instinct of nesting“, when the female tries to “domesticate” her male, so that the male remains alive and could ensure the well-being of the family. Keep in mind, when you try to meet the girl’s expectations, your rank potential in her eyes begins to fall.

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On the other hand, when you directly refuse to meet her ideals, then her interest in you only increases. For example, she asks you why you did this and not otherwise. And you, instead of justifying yourself, either ignore or answer in the style of a “bad” guy. More than once it was noticed that at first the girl was angry with such behavior. She tried to show that if a guy did not change his behavior, he could not expect anything. However, a little later a girl began to adjust to the guy, to show interest in him and to give other pleasant bonuses.

Evaluation frame. As in the example above, when you said: “Maria, you smoke, and I do not communicate with smokers”, you should always show that you evaluate the girls. However, if in our example you strongly risk to completely ruin all the seduction, then it’s better to evaluate the girls without such a risk. It means that if you found an excuse for giving her a bad evaluation, then you can continue communication. You just need to become much more indifferent, and stop her attempts to interest her.

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