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Speed Dating as a New Form of Matchmaking

If you are active on a modern dating scene, you realize how lack of time influences your social life. The present age has a solution for it and it is called speed dating. What is it? From this article you will learn the answers to the most common questions about speed dating.

Speed dating offers a fast-paced dating where single people get the chance to date up to 10-20 other singles on the course of one evening.

speed dating

You may wonder how this can happen. The answer is simple; you have about7 minutes for each potential candidate. What makes speed dating different from the conventional dating scene in the bar or a night club is that all singles, who come to the speed dating events have the same objective – meeting a potential partner.


The rules are quite easy and simple. A speed dating event is organized at a café or any other venue. The couples are paired up and are armed with the name tag, a score card and their unique personality. The pairs can discuss anything, besides the place where they live and their job.

How to Propose for Marriage

When seven minutes run out, a special ring sounds and men move to another date. At the end of each mini-date participants make notes if they would like to meet with the person, they’ve just talked to again. If there is mutual interest a speed dating organizer makes sure the pair meets by providing their phone numbers to each other.

Where does speed dating comes from?

Speed dating was invented by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo in 1999 for Jewish singles to keep them from marrying people outside their faith. However, speed dating gained its development and has flourishes all over the world, not just within the Jewish community.

Speed dating represents an alternative for those tired with conventional dating and blind dates.

Does Speed Dating Work?

Speed dating has proved successful; otherwise it wouldn’t have been so popular till the present day. About half of all participants leave a speed dating event with a potential match. The organizations of speed dating events believe that the success of non-traditional dating lies in a traditional simple chemistry.

speed dating

Another question that arises here is: “Is seven minutes enough to decide if you like a person?” In conventional dating scenario this time is enough for you to decide if the person is interesting for you to agree for a date or not.

The popularity of this “unconventional” way of dating grows its popularity day by day all over the world. And maybe even represents a revolution on the dating scene.

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