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Safety rules when looking for free hookup dating online

Free hookup dating: tips on how to stay safe

With free hookup dating becoming increasingly popular online, safety is still a big consideration. Hookup sites have changed the game when it comes to dating and getting laid – no longer has one to rely upon personal acquaintances and be limited by their geographic location. With so many people looking for a short fling online, it’s relatively easy to find a like-minded person who also wants to have some fun.

That said, you never know who is actually there behind a dating profile and a great set of pictures. Dating sites have always been full of scammers and swindlers of all sorts, but at least the only thing they wanted was your hard earned money. After they manage to separate you with your dollars (or whatever currency you use), they would disappear forever, leaving you sadder by wiser.

However, when you’re interested in a quick hookup, it’s obvious that you’re going to meet a person face to face shortly after you formed a match online. It means you’re going to hookup with a person you hardly know. It leaves you vulnerable to all sorts of negative outcomes which are not limited to mere financial loses. That’s why it’s important to take some precautions before meeting someone from a free hookup dating site.

But let’s talk about it in more detail. Here is a list of safety rules you should keep in mind when hooking up online.

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Make sure to do some research

The simplest Google search can go a long way when going on a date with a person you’ve just met online. Perhaps you think it’s kind of undignified and more like stalking a person, but knowing who the person is can spare you lots of trouble. First of all, if a person is absolutely untraceable online, it’s kind of suspicious.

Try to figure out whether they have a Facebook page or an Instagram account. Look through their photos and try to figure out whether they portray a normal, inoffensive, and trustworthy person. Sometimes it’s possible to read a person’s replies on different forums, so if you manage to find some traces of their participation in the online discussions, examine them by all means.

Of course, there is no need to panic if you can’t find much from your Google search – some people really don’t like to waste their time on social network channels. But you would undoubtedly feel more reassured if you can find at least something.

Make a video call before meeting a person face to face

Video chatting is an excellent method of getting to know a person before you meet in person. In the world of today, there are so many options to make a video call and talk to a person while seeing their face expressions, reactions to jokes, and so on. Video chatting reduces the risk of being swindled by people who claim to be someone they are not. Also, you can make sure their profile photos are not misleading. Sometimes people do upload pictures of them being ten years younger or twenty kilograms lighter.

If a person is interested in having a hookup with you, there is no reason why they would refuse to have a quick talk with you over Skype, Facebook messenger, Google Hangouts, Viber or what not. After all, they are going to meet you face to face anyway, so what is there to be concerned about?

So if they keep making excuses or refuse to talk to you on video calls point blank, it’s definitely a warning signal. Perhaps you should abandon your plans of getting laid with this person and start looking for a perfect match elsewhere.

That said, keep in mind that some people, especially women, could be self-conscious about the way they look over a webcam. If they refuse to talk to you on a video call, it’s because they are not sure you’ll like find them attractive enough. This way they try to avoid a rejections and consequent self-esteem issues.

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Talk to them by phone

Talking by phone to a person you’ve met on a free hookup dating site is also a good idea. Firslty, you’ll see whether they are ready to share their phone number with you, and secondly, you can pick up some intonations that are hidden through emails and instant messages. Needless to say, if a person sounds drunk or under drugs, hooking up with them is not a good idea.

If a person sounds really nice and trustworthy, go ahead and meet them. It’s important to follow your own intuition in such cases. If something makes you raise you hackles, don’t try to subdue this feeling. In most cases, if you feel something is not right, most probably it’s not right indeed. But if you don’t get any dangerous vibes when talking to a person by phone, go ahead and meet them.

Don’t let them pick you up by car

It’s not a good idea to let a person you’ve met on a free hookup site to pick you up by car and drive you to a place you were going to meet. Firstly, this way they will know where you live, and secondly, they’ll have total control over where the two of you go.

This is especially important for women, but these days even men shouldn’t neglect such precautions – you never know what sort of psycho you’re letting into your life. Besides, if it’s just for a casual hookup, why does a person need to know your home address at all?

So drive yourself to the destination or use a public transport. If a person insists on carpooling against your will, it’s certainly a warning signal. Perhaps you don’t need to meet someone who is so pushy in the first place.

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Meet in a public place to start with

Of course, you’ll inevitable end up in a hotel room or rented apartment in order to get laid, but it’s strongly recommended to void going somewhere private the moment you meet a person. Instead, go somewhere with plenty of people around. Not only you’ll feel safer this way, but it also gives you an opportunity to make sure you really like this person.

Go to cafe, restaurant, bar or shopping mall in order to enjoy a cup of coffee and perhaps a delicious dessert together. Talk to a person and see what sort of vibes they exude. If you decide you’re not actually attracted to a person and getting laid with them is not what you’d imagine being a god hookup, no one will force you to have sex with them.

If you’re a woman, perhaps you’d like some of your friends to be in the vicinity in order to help you out in case things start going wrong. If you’re in a restaurant or cafe, don’t hesitate to notify the staff and ask for help if your date makes you feel uncomfortable.

Be careful about the information you share

When you meet someone on a free hookup dating website, don’t be in hurry to share any personal details, no matter how cool and trustworthy they may sound. Be extra careful about the information you share. It’s alright to get to know each other before you actually meet, but you shouldn’t provide any personal details.

It’s alright to talk about hobbies and interests, likes and dislies, but not about actual places you normally visit. For example, if you enjoy working out and they compliment your physique, don’t give out the gym you’re attending on a regular basis. If you like reading, don’t tell them about the library you visit every other weekend. And so on.

This simple precaution can spare you a lot of problems in the future if a person you talk to turns out to be troublesome, controlling or dominating. Also, void sharing information about your family members and friends.

Let someone know the details about a person you’re going to meet

It’s also recommended to let someone else know the details about the person you’re going to hookup with. Let your friend or family member know his profile on a free hookup dating site. Tell them about places you’re going to visit and the time when you’re expected to be back home. Someone should be aware of things that are going on in your life. If something goes wrong, at least you’ll know that someone is there to help you out. This is an important recommendation for both men and women.

Don’t get drunk

When you go on a date, it seems natural to have a few drinks. However, if you go on a date with a person you’ve just met online, it’s extremely important to stay sober. There are plenty of characters on hookup sites who might not have the best intentions when meeting you in person. With that in mind, you should be able to think clearly in case things go wrong.

Even if you meet you date in a bar, one cocktail is quite sufficient. If they repeatedly encourage you to drink more, it’s definitely a red flag. A drunk person is easily controlled, and you don’t want to put yourself in that situation.

Stay cautious with a new person – there are some rather intimidating statistics in many countries about the victims of physical violence, stalking and rape. And it’s not only women who should be concerned – men are not entirely safe when hookup up with a stranger, too.

This article is not meant to discourage you to look for possible partners on a free hookup dating site. In the world of today, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get connected with someone who doesn’t mind having some fun without any strings attached. There is nothing wrong in looking for a casual sex or short fling online.

But one shouldn’t ignore the fact that dating a stranger could be potentially dangerous. Taking precautions in timely manner can be the difference between a wonderful hookup experience and a complete disaster. If you’ve recently joined a hookup site, don’t rush things. It’s recommended to observe how things work for a week or so. It will give you a better idea of what sort of people you can meet on these sites. And when you’re more confident, meet the people you like. All the best!

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