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There is nothing more important in each woman’s life than having a child, in the future or having already, that is the life’s biggest treasure and gift from God. So there will be very difficult to ever find a woman in Russia who wouldn’t dream about having children in the future. But there are cases when the situation is much harder, what shall a Russian bride do if she already has a child from a previous marriage and this child is disabled? Elena wrote a letter seeking for an advice: «I want to marry a foreigner and move to Norway, Sweden or Switzerland- in one of those three countries, and it doesn’t really matter in which one of them. My desire to emigrate has nothing to do with the wish to have a better life, i want to do it, because it is a necessity for me to take my son out of this country (he is disabled since he was born, he has oligophrenics in a difficult stage). In Russia after he will turn eighteen years old the only thing he would be able to benefit is psycho neurological boarding school, but i don’t know how possible and real for a foreigner to marry a woman who has a child, and not a simple child, but a disabled one. And how the surrounding him society will look at that.

Well in general on the West people have. A different attitude towards disabled people when in Russia or in ex USSR countries. They are not being isolated from the society, it is quite the opposite thing, there are a lot of measures taken in order to ease the life of the person who suffers from some disease, and to help him using all the possible benefits. And even the sick children are being adopted, but that doesn’t mean that it will be easy to find such a person who would agree to take the responsibility and the care about you and your son, although I do know a similar case. My friend Janna married a man from Great Britain, and later she brought her son to the country, which had brain disease in a difficult stage, and he accepted him, and even provided him twenty four hours a day, seven days per week nurse at their home. Maybe there are some other cases which i don’t know about, but this one already process that everything really is possible only if you think carefully about all the details and make them come true. Anyways there is no point for discouragement, surely the sincere desire to help the child will be highly awarded by God and you will get the chance to meet this kind of man.


It is very difficult to see your own child being sick, as surely for every mother in the world there is nothing more important than her child, so when seeing that your child is sick and there is nothing you can do in order to help, that is something that kills every single mother from inside. So it doesn’t matter getting married in your own country or somewhere abroad, if the woman has made the decision to give birth to a child, than she has assumed the responsibility that till the rest of her life she would take care of this child and there wouldn’t be anyone more important for her than this child. Eventually if the child was born being sick than the situation is even harder and means that this kind of mother has less chances to find her own happiness one day. I think Elena should take into consideration some other European countries as that will surely help her getting a bigger amount of letters, which will increase her chances of finding such a man.

My advice would be to try finding a husband who is engaged with work at hospital, because a person, who is a doctor, sees sick people under a different angle, as all the doctors once swear to help each and every person who would ever need their help.

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