How to know if someone is catfishing you on Tinder

Tinder is like a deep pool where both beautiful fishes and toxic reptiles live. Avoiding scammers and catfishers is each Tinder user’s job, for his own safety and success online.

So here are the top signs of someone catfishing on you from the hookup experts who went through.

1. Celebrity looks, combined with a magazine quality of the photo and a Hollywood smile, often mean a picture is actually stolen. Search for it online to make sure.

2. Very typical and robotic answers that flatter you without a reason, or not answering at all, all that usually comes from fake or fraudulent accounts. Better pay attention.

3. Doubled profiles almost always mean catfishing. If you run through the same photo on Tinder or on several apps, be sure a person likely doesn’t exists or the data is misused.

4. Perfect look combined with the money request. If someone looks flawlessly and well dressed, they’d normally be financially stable. Never send your money to strangers.

5. Hesitating with the real meeting. Since there’s no video chat on Tinder, it’s hard to check whether a person is real. But hesitating to meet can be a big red flag for sure.

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