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I’ve always been a fan of different Chinese films about dragons, martial arts, kung-fu stories and so on. I also liked the ladies that were a part of the cast and this is how I fell in love with the beauty of Chinese lady. But let’s go back to the real life – are these women really good? Yeas, they are even better than their female protagonists in plenty of East films. I discovered lots of interesting information about them being one of the best wives and, of course, mothers. They are also very attractive when it comes to the appearance and I think it is not a secret that Asian beauty is somewhat still not properly discovered. And this was the reason why I made a decision to date Chinese women. The only question was how? I found out that very quickly – there were plenty of websites, better known as dating services that allowed single people to make their own account and find their matches. The dating service I found – – has one of the biggest communities based on the profiles of Western men and the ladies from China, as well as the other corners of Asia.

Personally, I didn’t hesitate and started signing up immediately. I also needed a profile photo as well as:

  • The description of my future match – how she should look like and so on.
  • My personal details – whether I am smoker/drinker or not, how many children I want to have if I really do, what my physical parameters are etc.
  • Introducing video. However, it wasn’t so necessary but it is very helpful when you want to introduce yourself so your future half can see if it is worth contacting you.

Almost the same parameters I found on the accounts of single ladies from China which gave me a full image of their appearance and life goals. dating system also gives lots of opportunities to make the process of dating a foreign girl way easier than in real life. So, some of them are:

  • Translation services. When I was dating a girl from China I had to solve language problem – the difference between our languages is huge and I really needed a help of a professional. Fortunately, this website provided me with one of the best translators so I could receive the letters from my woman that were already translated into my mother tongue. And the same works for her side – she read my letters already in her language.
  • Live support. Honestly, I don’t even remember having huge problems whilst being a member of But, I can ensure you that if you have one it can be easily solved if you write a letter to live support of the website. The team of professionals will quickly reply to your letter with the best tips and useful advice on how to get rid of the issue you have.
  • Sending a gift. Surprisingly, but I was even able to buy and send a gift to my lady from China. First of all, when I first discovered this feature I just went for the nice online present but later on, I sent the real one. Sending a gift is supported by the professional advisor that helps you to choose between a beautiful bouquet of flowers or any other gift you may want to buy for your match.
  • All the media files that are being shared between users are automatically saved and then secured on the storage of dating system. So you don’t have to worry about your images or even video going in the middle of nowhere.
  • Completely real users. Due to the verification process, that I experienced too, there are only 100% real and checked members on the dating service.

dating a girl from China

And now all my dreams about having stunning and nice Chinese wife came true. I can see that these girls really have sort of mystic beauty that makes you go crazy, but, of course, in a good sense.

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