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The beautiful girl happily laughsOur website is the best place where you can chat, flirt and spend your time with girls from the biggest and probably most mysterious country in the world – Russia. Russian women are incredible. They leave no chances to their competitors and now you will know why.


Men and women have equal rights in many countries including Russia. Yes, they do indeed. If you come to Russia you will see a lot of women doing really hard work and taking important decisions. But why such emancipation has bad influence on Western women and nearly does not change Russians?

In our opinion it is caused by serious gender imbalance – they are several millions single women more than men in Russia. It means that a man doesn’t need to try hard. He will get what he wants anyway. Such a tendency lets Russian men take their time. They don’t want to marry and have children early preferring dating with one or even several women without any serious purposes.

In order to find a husband a Russian lady has to do her best. She needs to look and act like a woman and always stay attractive. That’s why Russian girls put on high heels and sexy dress even going to the grocery. Western women looking at this often feel really annoyed and we understand why.

Family values and traditions

Some time ago a typical family in Russia was really large with five or more children. Of course, today’s demographic model is totally different – it’s just too expensive for an average couple to find enough time and money for such a family. However, there are no obstacles for having two, three or even four pretty kids!

According to the statistics a wealthy Russian family usually has at least two children. You won’t have to persuade your significant other to have a kid – she’ll offer that first!

A good housewife

Girls in Russia are “trained” from early childhood – they help mother deal with domestic chores like tiding up, cooking and so on. They are not made do this, not at all. It is just another good Russian tradition. When a girl helps and learns something from her mother they both get closer to each other.

That is why a Russian wife is also a true domestic goddess. She knows how to surprise you with a delicate dish, how to get rid of dust on shelves within a couple of minutes and how to make everything shine. Don’t hesitate to offer your help! Sometimes it’s really necessary.

Make your dream come true

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You don’t have to pay anything and we will never ask you to pay as our service is free! Finally, we monitor our database every day and you can rest assured that all women you meet on russia-bride.net are absolutely real.

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