Difference between Slavic and Atlanta Women

Atlanta womenThis article is dedicated to the difference between Slavic and American women. The person is also a product of this or that culture, but the cultural ambiance differs, in some cases very drastically.

First, we will start with telling that there are differences between Atlanta women themselves. This depends on their social status, family traditions, education, characteristic peculiarities of the family and surely woman’s character. It would be awkward to sum all women up in one type of the “traditional American woman”: Kennedy family member, Kardashians, farmer family from Kansas, a suburb representative, Mexican illegal families, etc.

American business women have in common the following traits: ‘iron’ logic, purposefulness, career orientation, fitness and some coldness in communication. However, under some certain circumstances, they would enjoy a rock-and-roll concert and choose a costume for Halloween to impress everyone.

However, in their majority American women are different from Slavic women with their high self-assurance. Every woman from Atlanta is free to express herself in life the way she wants and feels comfortable. Every woman here counts on respect from society in general and men and husband in particular. They are also sure that taking care about kids won’t be only their business. They also know the government will help and protect them. In the majority of cases Atlanta women get all this. All family and financial problems are solved in a life of an American woman easier than in life of Slavic women.

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It is normal for American women to lead their own lives. A rare American woman would sacrifice her life for her husband and children or will turn into a free baby sitter for her grandchildren 24/7 360days a year, as most of the Slavic women do. Meanwhile, a great majority of American women are caring, loving mothers and grandmothers, wonderful wives and great partners.

In their majority, Atlanta women are dressed more casual and much simpler than Slavic girls are. They also do not use much of the make up, or do not use it at all. It is great the main focus is on who you are and not what you wear and what make up you have on.  However, it is great to be well-looking and take good care of yourself. It is great when a woman knows what clothes become and suit her best. Slavic women know how to show their best sides and camouflage the imperfections.


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