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Best cougar dating app(a toy boy’s reality)

I’m a 21-year-old toy boy (AKA male sugar baby) who has been in the sugar bowl for three years. I started at a scarily young age – I started when I was 18 years old. Anyway, I didn’t want to have student loan and I hate every type of debt, so I decided to get allowance from sugar mommas. Luckily, I’ve found some long-term sponsors via these best cougar dating apps.

1# Brilic

Brilic dating app is the single best cougar dating app in the world. My current sugar momma and I met each other on Brilic in 2018 and she is extremely supportive, generous and kind to me. I can’t thank Brilic team enough because the cougar that I’ve met through their platform is a true sponsor. She gave me $12,000 per month. I don’t think I’ll ever need a job in my life because she pays me regularly and teaches me how to invest properly. She is just like another mom that I never had a chance to have when I was young. Don’t get me wrong. I love my mom. I just need money because my mom couldn’t afford the lifestyle that I desire. Try not to judge me, please.Brilic cougar women

2# Mature dating app

Mature dating app is full of older women in their 40s and 50s. In general, most cougars that I date are in their 40s and I only dated one cougar in her 50s. I didn’t enjoy sexual intercourse with women over 50 because their honeypots don’t produce honey anymore (they are very dry). Therefore, I usually only date sugar mommas in their 40s. But I have to say that older women are more established, generous and wealthy. So, sometimes I date cougars over 50 and even over 60 in order to get paid, although I didn’t really feel the attraction at all. But overall, mature dating app has the richest cougars.

3# Meet a Cougar

Meet a Cougar is another sugar momma dating app that I’d like to recommend. It’s effective, efficient and extremely user-friendly. I absolutely enjoyed this dating product. When I was studying at university, I always used this app to meet rich women who helped me with my tuition fees and we had lots of fun!

4# Sudy Cougar

I think Sudy is a sugar daddy dating app and Sudy Cougar is a sugar momma dating app. I love this app because older women on this app are good-looking! This isn’t very common because most cougars are old and over in terms of looks. But on Sudy Cougar, there are many attractive older women that actually turn me on. I remember last year I was obsessed with this cougar dating appdue to the fascinating beauty of hot women in this community. I even met a cougar who looked like Nicole Kidman! Incredible!Meet a Cougar

5# Cougar Dating

Interestingly, anyone who is above 16 years old can join Cougar Dating, one of the best sugar momma dating apps. I don’t know why that’s possible because I think if you are under 18, you probably can’t even start a dating profile – older women don’t want to be responsible for your decisions in life. So, I only encourage toy boys who are above 18 years of age to become members on Cougar Dating.

6# Cougar Dating Online

Cougar Dating Online is another interesting dating app for toy boys and older women. Strictly speaking, this isn’t a sugar momma dating app, so toy boys who look for sponsors shouldn’t join this app. But they can’t assess every member’s motive, can they? So, I joined Cougar Dating Online and met a sponsor who didn’t mind giving me luxury gifts. She bought me a car last year! Although it wasn’t a fancy car, it was good enough. I’m thankful!

7# Cougar Dating Life (Cougary)

I’d like to point out that cougars on this dating app aren’t really old. Many of them are about 40 years old and I haven’t seen one cougar above 50 in this community. In my opinion, the number of sugar mommas is significantly smaller than the number of sugar daddies out there. I don’t mind dating younger cougar (I mean sugar mommas around 40 years old), but generally speaking, they aren’t very rich, so that can be a younger cougar

8# LoveAgain

On LoveAgain dating app, there are some high-profile cougars that I really admire. I met them in London and they treated me very well. They not only took me to travel the world, but also gave me allowance and gifts. But I have to say that LoveAgain isn’t really a sugar momma dating app at all; it’s probably a mainstream dating app. Yet its name suggests dating for older women. Maybe that’s why a lot of older ladies have joined this app and they happen to be richer than younger ladies.

9# Yboo

Anyone who has read the provocative and controversial novel The Reader remembers the passionate affair between Michael and Hanna. Well, that novel inspired me to join Yboo dating app (AKA Adult Affair Finder). Yes, I met a married woman here and we had a two-month fling during the summer holidays. It was exciting and fun. When we were having an affair, she was actually pregnant with her husband’s child, but it was the second trimester, so it was okay. She told me that pregnancy made her hornier, but her husband refused to sleep with her because he was worried about hurting his child. Yet the doctor told her it shouldn’t be a problem during the second trimester, so she met me on Yboo dating app and slept with me instead. Now I’d like to warn every husband out there: If your pregnant wife wants intimacy, just listen to the doctor’s advice and do it with her. Otherwise, she will find a way to satisfy herself elsewhere. This is more common than you think!

10# Ashley Madison

This is a very controversial dating app for older women. Well, technically, women on this app aren’t really old. They are just married! I dated three married women via Ashley Madison dating app because I was bored a few years ago. It is reported that British women are the least faithful women in western countries because the adultery rate in the UK is very high amongst married women here. I didn’t believe that until I tried Ashley Madison myself – yes, there are many married women looking for affairs in London and I was a bit surprised at the beginning. But later on, I just got used to it – let’s face it: married women are also normal women with sexual needs. But how many couples still value intimacy after being married for so many years? Not that many! Since the marriage institution was created in order to make sure assets are given to the right descendants in ancient times, it’s probably not the right system in today’s day and age. That’s why so many married women are cheating on their boring husbands. Well, perhaps they might meet their own husbands on Ashley Madison & that will be fun. One woman even saw her dad’s dating profile on Ashley Madison and it was a horror story!

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