Why There Are So Many Cougars Using Tinder To Date Younger Men?

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cougar dateTinder has revolutionised the way in which we interact with the opposite sex and the functionality and ease of access, where all a woman needs to do is swipe left and right to “like” or “dislike” a desirable young man. This has been helpful to Cougars in particular. To understand why they use Tinder to date younger women, we need to look at the psychology that lies behind a woman’s sexual preferences. Tinder is primarily designed for the younger generation, where peers intermingle and create contacts that may lead to love or sex or whatever. But in the eyes of a Cougar, Tinder is the happy hunting ground for handsome, virile young men who are eligible as well.

Tinder Cougars have a particular method of operation. The cougars are all well-established working women or rich and bored housewives who are not afraid of expressing themselves and their needs, be it companionship or a partner in bed. Hence, ostentatious shows of wealth as displayed by some young men on their profiles will not entice them at all. Cougars like to be in control and they seek out younger men who are okay with that. A woman’s sex drive wanes faster than a man’s and she knows that very well. In order to fulfil her desires while she still can, a cougar will dish out the very best for the man she picks. Tinder is the perfect place for hooking up with a desirable man; it has a clean, clutter-free setup, with minimal fuss, a streamlined approach to honing in on your “target” and lots of filters like age, religion, ethnicity, location, likes and dislikes and much more to help you narrow down your search. With the world picking up pace and lesser time to devote to ourselves, it’s only natural that high speed internet apps via smartphones have become our source of switching off, so to say. Among these, Tinder tops the list for lonely and rich women who want company and sex, and there is no dearth of men for them.cougar sex dating

Because of the skewed male: female ratio on most dating sites, Tinder included, Women can pick and choose. Not only that, they can dictate terms of the relationship, monthly stipends for their sugar babies and any other conditions. Dedicated cougar websites charge high subscription fees and it is not possible to pay multiple bills for multiple sites. Any cougar with a bit of common sense will realise that the men on Tinder are most probably also there on these websites. So it makes sense to reach out to them through a free app rather than shell out greenbacks with limited chances of success. A cougar date is a thing to remember, trust me.

Cougar dating younger men in USA are mostly going through higher education and need that extra bit of cash to make ends meet, Cougars fill that gap and surveys also indicate that a sizeable population of young men have entered successful careers after dating a Cougar who took care of their education. So there you have it, at the end of the day it is a give and take policy, with both parties standing to benefit along with the infinite pleasures of togetherness.


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